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How to Estimate Child Support Payments in Illinois

Posted on in Child Custody

child support payments in illinois, estimate child support payments, McHenry County Family Law LawyerSplitting up a family is one of the most emotionally and mentally challenging aspects of a divorce. The process involves several life-changing decisions, such as choosing where the children will live and developing a child support arrangement.

Estimating Child Support Payments in Illinois 

Each child custody and support case is unique. Different families can vary in income level and number of children. As a result, general advice may be helpful; however, it might not directly apply to your situation.

Also, divorce laws differ from state to state. In Illinois, laws concerning child support aim to find a solution that serves a child's best interests, according to the Illinois General Assembly. Child support amounts scale with the number of children. The more children, the more a non-custodial parent will likely have to pay.

For one child, the courts will ask that, at a minimum, 20 percent of the non-custodial parent's income goes toward child support. Depending on situations affecting either side, this amount might be lower or higher.

When two or three children are involved, the rate could be as low as 28 percent or as high as 32 percent. If a family has four to five children, non-custodial parents should expect to pay at least 40 percent of their income. Non-custodial parents may have to pay as much as 50 percent of their income if they have six or more children.

What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support concerns anything that will justifiably “support” a child's health, emotional well-being, and living standards. The amount must cover any of a child’s emotional or physical needs. This includes vital medical care and even therapy. Educational costs, which may include college expenses, may also affect child support payments.

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