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McHenry/Kane County Bankruptcy Attorney

The financial repercussions of divorce can cause quite a strain on all parties involved. Often times, bankruptcy is the only solution to problems of outstanding debt after a marriage dissolves. When former spouses can no longer afford to pay the debt they’ve incurred during the marriage, bankruptcy allows for a fresh start so that no one person has to pay off the debt created by two.

Thomas Law Office is a superior legal resource for your divorce and bankruptcy needs. We take an integrative approach to divorce, combining traditional elements (division of property, child support, etc.) with related issues like bankruptcy. Attorney Colleen Thomas will not only help you file for divorce, she can also assist you in getting back on your feet financially afterwards and handle your bankruptcy to discharge your debt.

Bankruptcy Options With Divorce

Family debt is common in marriage and it can be overwhelming after divorce. With the permission of both spouses, Colleen Thomas can provide savings to couples who want to file joint bankruptcy prior to the entry of the divorce decree. This not only makes the division of assets simpler, but it also eliminates debt through Chapter 7 or creates an affordable payment plan with Chapter 13.

In addition, we offer standard bankruptcy legal assistance for those who are simply inundated by outstanding debt, regardless of their marital status. We can help you eliminate or drastically reduce many of your debts through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in McHenry County or Kane County.

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