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Illinois Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be stressful and confusing. At Thomas Law Office, our goal is to provide you with quality legal representation so that you can concentrate on healing yourself and your family after divorce. We try to make the process as painless as possible and will listen to you carefully to craft a plan that meets your needs.

Filing for Divorce

In our office, the process begins with an initial consultation with attorney Colleen Thomas. During this meeting, she’ll talk to you about why you’ve chosen divorce, whether you’re truly ready for it and what the next steps should be based on your answers. What you decide to do from that point is totally up to you. Sometimes, people aren’t sure if they want divorce, they simply need a lawyer to talk to about the situation.

Whatever the case is for you, Colleen Thomas is a caring and empathetic attorney who will give you realistic answers to your toughest questions. If you decide that you’re ready for divorce, she will talk to you about your children (if any) and their ages. Handling a divorce with infants or toddlers involved is very different than those with teenagers or adult children.

Related Considerations

With most divorces, there are interrelated issues that must be considered in addition to the actual dissolution of the marriage, including child support, child custody and maintenance. Sometimes, as a result of divorce, parties also need to file for bankruptcy, sell their homes, change their wills or adjust the beneficiaries on insurance policies. Whatever the related need, we can provide the service for you to ensure that one who is familiar with your circumstances will properly address all issues.

Divorce typically involves property and asset division, and these matters can be complicated by ownership of small businesses, multiple private real estate properties and commercial property or other items that may be difficult to value. No matter how intricate your case, however, we will work with you to tackle all of these issues as needed.

Alternatives to Traditional Divorce

In lieu of standard divorce in which both parties obtain counsel, attorney Colleen Thomas can work with both spouses to reach an “Agreed Divorce” settlement. An agreed divorce is one in which the other spouse doesn’t have an attorney and agrees to use our services to mediate a mutual settlement. This can save time and money for all involved.

Ms. Thomas can also recommend a psychological counselor to couples who are considering divorce but are not quite sure what to do just yet. As a matter off fact, we can offer referrals for a number of professional services, including financial counseling and assistance programs.

From beginning to end, Thomas Law Office is a full-service law firm that offers comprehensive legal representation in family law matters. Call 847-426-7990 or send an email to schedule a consultation for your case. We represent clients in McHenry County and Kane County in cities like Elgin, South Elgin, Carpentersville, Marengo, West Dundee, East Dundee, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Huntley, Crystal Lake, Woodstock and Cary.