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Divorce and Legal Separation

Legal separation is a court decree that recognizes a couple’s right to live apart from one another, while still maintaining certain privileges and legal responsibilities. Basically, legal separation sets up the terms of a divorce without officially getting divorced. The parties are still married and can’t remarry, but they make child custody, child support, property division and maintenance requests as if they were divorced.

Although it is not as common as traditional divorce, there are specific benefits to legal separation. For many people, divorce comes with a certain social stigma that is undesirable, so couples choose legal separation as an alternative. It can also be used by couples who want to move on from one another but whose moral, cultural or religious beliefs prohibit divorce. Other couples may be still hoping to save their marriages, but simply need time apart to make a decision either way.

Still others use legal separation as a tool to dissolve their physical marriages without forfeiting some of the legal benefits of their unions. For example, a couple may choose legal separation when they want to still retain medical coverage under the one party’s insurance plan(s). Whichever the case, legal separation must be handled expertly in order to make proper financial arrangements for all parties involved.

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