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Loan Modification Lawyer in Kane and McHenry Counties

Even with careful planning, unexpected life changes can directly impact one’s ability to meet financial obligations. A serious illness, loss of employment, or a divorce can lead to a significantly reduced income or increased expenses that may make existing mortgage payments unmanageable. In many cases, modifying a home loan may represent the best method of avoiding foreclosure.

Over the last two decades, the Thomas Law Office has helped numerous clients understand their options for mortgage loan modification, avoiding foreclosure, and keeping their homes. Attorney Colleen Thomas is prepared to work with you to get the manageable mortgage loan terms that all homeowners deserve.

Common Lender Tricks

Mortgage loan modification is not just for those who have experienced a life-changing event. Too often, borrowers approach the loan process without the help of a qualified attorney and find themselves the victim of unethical, yet common, lender practices. Examples include:

  • Hidden fees, clauses, or rate increases;
  • False claims of lost or missing documentation;
  • Reporting of inaccurate information; and
  • Responses to applications or questions that do not meet government regulations.

The end result of such practices is frequently an unjustifiied denial of a loan modification or a modified loan which may include surprises for the borrower and quickly becomes onerous and unaffordable.

An Attorney Can Help

At the Thomas Law Office, our experienced team understands the lending process and the applicable legal guidelines. We will help you with your loan modification application, review all documentation, and communicate with the lender to ensure regulatory requirements are being met. The expense of hiring qualified counsel like Attorney Thomas is minimal compared to potential costs related to foreclosure or continuing to struggle with an unmanageable loan. Our team will represent you, not the lender, and will protect your rights under the law, ensuring you receive fair treatment from the financial institution.

When foreclosure is imminent, loan modification may be a borrower’s only real option to avoid losing his or her home. If you are having trouble with meeting the obligations of your mortgage loan, an experienced lawyer like Colleen Thomas can help.

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