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Do Ex-Wives Ever Pay Their Husbands Child Support?

 Posted on October 02, 2023 in Child Support

Untitled---2023-10-02T133538.445.jpgWhen parents of minor children separate or get divorced, there are several issues that need to be addressed. Of course, child custody - known in Illinois as “parental responsibilities” - is usually the first topic on a parent’s mind. Visitation - known in Illinois as “parenting time” - is usually next, followed closely by child support. Whether one parent will pay the other child support is determined by several factors, but the gender of the parents does not matter. If you have questions about child support, meet with an Illinois family lawyer today. 


How is Child Support Calculated in Illinois? 

Illinois child support payments are set using something known as the “income shares” model. The income shares model uses the income of both parents to decide whether one parent will need to pay child support to the other. Both parents are held responsible for providing financially for a child’s needs, so other factors will also be considered as child support payments are set. These include: 

  • How much time a child spends with each parent

  • Each parent’s resources, including both active and passive income and assets, like dividends and inheritance

  • The child’s needs

Illinois law has a formula that is usually used to calculate payments, but judges can change the payments if a child has greater needs than average. For example, if a child has a health condition that requires frequent visits with special doctors, child support payments may be increased to fairly split the cost of the child’s health care between parents. 


Can Mothers Be Ordered to Pay Child Support? 

A parent’s gender does not factor into child support in Illinois. Both mothers and fathers can be responsible for child support payments. Sometimes, fathers will not seek child support from mothers because they are worried the law favors mothers or that they will not be taken seriously. This is a mistake. Illinois law values the best interests of every child. If you are a father and your child’s mother should be paying child support but does not, the law will be on your side as you try to collect child support payments. An experienced attorney can help. 


Get in Touch with a McHenry County, IL Child Support Lawyer

Issues of child support can be hard to predict. But if you are a father seeking parenting time and parental responsibilities with your child, you deserve to know your rights and to have them protected by an attorney who will fight for you. Call a Kane County, IL divorce lawyer with [[title]] today at 847-426-7990 to schedule an initial appointment. 

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