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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_448217437-1-min.jpg Child support is often a high-conflict area for divorced or separated parents. When the parent who is required to make child support payments cannot or will not pay, the parent receiving child support is usually left in a troubling financial position as he or she struggles to support a child on his or her own. In response, some parents threaten to or actually withhold parenting time from the parent who is behind in child support payments. However, this is illegal itself and can often backfire as a child support recovery strategy. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, work with an Illinois child support and child custody attorney who can help you explore your options and take legal action. 

What Are My Options for Recovering Child Support? 

Parents who need help getting the child support they are owed have a couple of options. The first is to work through the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), which is the governmental organization responsible for tracking down parents who do not pay child support and enforcing increasingly punitive sanctions on them until the support is paid. Unfortunately, HFS is often slow, very busy, and can be an ineffective way to get support in a timely manner. 


Illinois child support services, McHenry County Family Law AttorneyThe Illinois Child Support Service division reports that almost half a million children in the state receive public assistance. Taxpayers are responsible for the non-payment of child support, picking up the slack for parents who do not hold themselves accountable financially for the care of their children. While this statistic is sad and unfortunate, the state thankfully has an organized, efficient system in place to address the needs of children and families who struggle with such circumstances.

The Purpose of State Child Support Programs

Due to the overwhelming need of single parents raising children with no support from the other parent, child support programs are utilized to ease the burden and ensure that children are properly cared for, safe and protected. Since the Illinois program began in 1976, the department has successfully collected more than 3 billion dollars for children in need.