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Illinois Child Support Services: Why They Exist and How They Can Help

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Illinois child support services, McHenry County Family Law AttorneyThe Illinois Child Support Service division reports that almost half a million children in the state receive public assistance. Taxpayers are responsible for the non-payment of child support, picking up the slack for parents who do not hold themselves accountable financially for the care of their children. While this statistic is sad and unfortunate, the state thankfully has an organized, efficient system in place to address the needs of children and families who struggle with such circumstances.

The Purpose of State Child Support Programs

Due to the overwhelming need of single parents raising children with no support from the other parent, child support programs are utilized to ease the burden and ensure that children are properly cared for, safe and protected. Since the Illinois program began in 1976, the department has successfully collected more than 3 billion dollars for children in need.

Considering the fact that only 58 percent of all single-parent households actually have court orders for child support, 3 billion dollars in collection is a hefty achievement. What is even more staggering is that out of that 58 percent of households who have court orders filed, only half receive the funds due to them.

How Child Support Services Help Families in Need

Regardless of their income, residents of Illinois are eligible for financial support for their children. There is no law that requires applicants to be current public assistance recipients (nor must they apply for public assistance) in order to be approved for child support services. The Healthcare and Family Services’ Child Support division helps parents with a number of issues, including the following:

  • Locating an absent parent;
  • Paternity establishment via DNA testing;
  • Securing medical support for the child;
  • Wage withholding and interception of federal and state income tax refunds to guarantee support funds; and
  • Establishing support orders and managing any modifications to existing orders.
A number of actions can be taken to help prevent and eliminate the issue of non-payment all together. The division has the authority and the power to collect support through withholding benefits, placing liens on property and assets, and revoking or suspending personal and professional licenses. In some cases, bank accounts can be frozen, and the U.S. Department of State may even deny passport privileges to a parent who refuses to pay. Child Support Services work together with the Court and the state on your behalf to fight for and secure the assistance you need to care for your child.

Pursuing financial support for your family in the wake of a divorce, separation, or other circumstance can be messy; however, help is available and professional guidance can make all the difference in your case. Speak with a competent, experienced Kane County family law attorney or McHenry County family law attorney today to protect your rights and your family’s wellbeing.