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chapter 13 bankruptcy, file for bankruptcy, McHenry County Bankruptcy AttorneyFiling for bankruptcy—no matter which chapter you choose—can be a mentally exhausting process. For many Americans, though, bankruptcy offers an opportunity to regain financial independence and stop creditor actions.

In many cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a smarter option than Chapter 7. For example, if you have fallen behind on business payments or your mortgage, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to maintain your property. Additionally, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to reinstate your original mortgage agreement if you can make the overdue payments within a specified period. In this way, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can put homeowners on the path to a debt-free life.

Generally speaking, people with valuable property that Illinois bankruptcy exemptions do not cover should consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This chapter may also be ideal if your income is too high to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


child support payments in illinois, estimate child support payments, McHenry County Family Law LawyerSplitting up a family is one of the most emotionally and mentally challenging aspects of a divorce. The process involves several life-changing decisions, such as choosing where the children will live and developing a child support arrangement.

Estimating Child Support Payments in Illinois 

Each child custody and support case is unique. Different families can vary in income level and number of children. As a result, general advice may be helpful; however, it might not directly apply to your situation.


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divorce finances, Illinois divorce and family law attorneyMarriage and divorce are alike in that they usher in a number of changes for both spouses, many of which involve finances. Though marriage tends to offer more optimistic benefits, especially in regard to taxes and living with two incomes, the financial challenges of divorce can be more disconcerting.

Regardless of whether the marriage was young or old, you should plan your finances carefully before filing. Your budget should include legal expenses, possible relocation, and any adjustments that come with living on a single income. Spouses with children may face other monetary hurdles.

Seeking Out Professional Advice


residential custody in Illinois, McHenry County child custody attorneyDetermining child custody in a divorce can be a lengthy and emotionally taxing process. In Illinois, the judge will consider many factors, including the testimonies of each parent, as well as the physical and mental health of the child and parents, when awarding custody.

However, your children will not be voiceless throughout this process. As outlined in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the judge may take into consideration the child’s wishes.

Children ages 14 or older may choose which parent to live with, but a judge can overrule this decision if he or she decides the child’s choice is not in their best interest. There are a few questions that judges may consider when adjudicating a case where a child has strong preferences toward a particular parent:


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bankruptcy-and-divorceYou may not have imagined filing for divorce on your wedding day. However, in a world where, according to the CDC, nearly 44 percent of marriages end in divorce, more and more couples will have to navigate their way through this trying time.

Divorce alone can seem overwhelming, but you may find it is not your only challenge. Couples with debt may face certain financial concerns, especially those who are considering filing for bankruptcy.

Why Filing for Bankruptcy First Is a Good Idea

If you are filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may want to think about jointly filing before the divorce has finalized. This way, you will have a repayment plan or possibly dismissal of certain debts, which will help you plan your post-divorce finances.